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Detail of Iqbal
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Author(s): Atiya Begum
Contributor: Rauf Parekh,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Pakistan
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 152
Binding: Hardbound
ISBN: 9780195477146
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This book is a compilation of some of the letters and poems written by the foremost poet and intellectual Mohammad Iqbal to Atiya Fyzee Rahamin, and the author’s impressions of Iqbal during his scholastic career in Europe during the early 1900s. The author recounts her first meeting with Iqbal in London and subsequent interaction with him in Germany where Iqbal was conducting philosophical research work. She mentions, from personal experience and observation, her appreciation of Iqbal’s mysticism, superior intellect, and genius.
Atiya Begum and Iqbal, subsequently, developed a close friendship and continued their discourse through letters and meetings. Some of the letters and poems from Iqbal to Atiya Begum that were in her personal possession are published in this book in their original form along with their composed version.
Atiya Fyzee is renowned as a litterateur and artist. She was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) on 1 August 1877 to Hasan Ali Effendi and Shareefun Nisa Tayabali. After Independence, she moved to Pakistan and lived in Karachi until her death in 1967. In 1912, she married the renowned artist Samuel Fyzee Rahamin. She was educated in England and Germany, and her relationship with the two great Islamic thinkers, scholars, and poets, Shibli Nomani and Allama Mohammad Iqbal, helped mould her intellectual training. She was a well-educated, well-travelled, liberal, and progressive individual.

Dr Rauf Parekh is a critic of Urdu literature and the former Chief Editor of Urdu Dictionary Board. He also teaches at the Department of Urdu, University of Karachi.
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