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Detail of Islam, International Law and the World Today
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Islam, International Law and the World Today

Author(s): Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi
Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies, Pakistan
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 200
Edition: 1st
Binding: Cloth
ISBN: 9699694481023
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Islam, International Law and the World Today” answers questions in the wake of 9/11 about the international role of Islam and Muslims. In a gripping and lucid style, one of the most prominent scholars of the time, Dr. Ghazi delineates the essential themes of the concept of the state, international relations, minorities and war and jihad, while covering philosophical as well as practical aspects of each of the theme.

Highly thought provoking and rich with scholarly discourse, the book guides Muslims to respond with strategies and behaviors that are in line with everlasting principles of Islam, in the context of the contemporary world. It also helps the reader to realize the role of Islam in nurturing a well ordered global civilization and its potential to provide an alternative to mankind at a time when other formulae for lasting peace have proven short lived.
“Islam, International Law and the World Today” certainly offers food for thought to all those who seek solutions for humanity’s way forward.


Preface v

Chapter One Islamic State in the Contemporary International Scenario 01

Chapter Two Islamic Law of International Relations Origin and Development 55

Chapter Three Question of Minorities 97

Chapter Four War and Concept of Jihad in Islam 145

Index 185


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