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Critical Muslim Volume 2

The Idea of Islam

Author(s): Editors: Ziauddin Sardar and Robin Yassin-Kassab
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Pakistan
Publication Year: 2012
Pages: 272
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780199066292
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This is the second book in a series of four volumes presenting Muslim perspectives on the great debates of our times. Building on the previous volume, this edited work focuses on redefining ideas in Islam. It aims to emphasise the plurality and diversity of Islam and Muslims, and to promote dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration between ‘Islam’ and other cultures, including ‘the West’.
This book critically examines the established conventions. It seeks new readings of religion, culture, and politics with the potential to transform the Muslim world and beyond.
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Ziauddin Sardar, writer, broadcaster and cultural critic, is Visiting Professor, the School of Arts, The City University, London.

Robin Yassin-Kassab is a writer and author of the acclaimed novel 
The Road from Damascus (2008). Born in west London in 1969, he has lived and worked in France, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Oman. He has taught English around the Arab world as well as in Turkey. He is a regular contributor to the literary pages of The Guardian and The Independent.
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